Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Sequel to Bizzul's Demise

No long post!

Mine is Post #5, but you have to read the whole thread. :-)

Friday, August 21, 2009

The 8 Steps To Making Friends On WoW

Step 1: Don't be a downy when it comes to PvP.
Step 2: Have an 80 character on the opposite faction.
Step 3: Double box your main and your opposite-faction alt.
Step 4: Pay attention to guild chat and spam your "o" tab, figure out where people in your guild are and what they are doing.*
Step 5: Find someone in an open PvP area.*
Step 6: Eliminate them swiftly.*
Step 7: Listen to them cry about it in guild chat, not knowing it's you.
Step 8: Make a video out of it.**

*Note: This works better when it is a GM or Officer of your [raiding] guild.
**Note #2: I was told to use "you spin me right round" but I couldn't figure out which version I liked best so I used 3 different ones.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my latest creation


my latest pvp video, released 4 hours after the footage was taken.

since everyone is doing this these days I will too...

what to expect:
- 84 resilience disc priest queueing with a 2500+ mmr after not having pvped at all for 3 months and not having pvped on a priest since january (means i suck)
- half assed humor
- shitty music
- a video that was made in 1 hour 30 minutes
- a video that includes all frapsing i did tonight in one form or another (minus the gay 7min mage/priest fights)
- me fucking up in almost every clip (yes i know i mass dispelled a ps'ed ice block twice and sat there for 5 seconds not knowing i wasn't drinking)
- nekos playing with orange juice spilled on his carpet, pants, and chair- inside jokes that you wont get, cause i made this for my friends
- a complete waste of 16 mins of your life
- me playing with my pve spec

what to not expect:
- serious battles
- a montage of sw:d'ing polymorphs
- good music
- a video where you can learn anything at all

thanks for watching!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How can you even RAID?

Hello friends,

My ventrilo buddies have asked me, How can you even raid, Noxn? on several occasions. This is how.

Fun Things to do While Raiding

  1. Sartharion - fly around on the spirally fire tornadoes in the lava.
  2. Naxxramas - Levitate/Body and Soul people who are about to pass onto the pipe just before Gluth.
  3. Naxxramas - Levitate/Body and Soul people who are doing the Frogger slimes.
  4. Spam Levitate the main tank during any encounter. A lot of them have bad spam jumping habits.
  5. Stack Serendipity 3/3 on yourself if you're a holy priest. Target a different holy priest in the raid on an AoE encounter like Hodir. When you see them start to Prayer of Healing without 3/3 Serendipity, target their target and get your PoH off before them. Point out their overhealing.
  6. Get raid frames that you can configure to show when people have Rejuv/Lifebloom/Wild Growth. (I use Perfect Raid). Top off the people who have HoTs immediately. Point out how you're higher on the healing meters than "The Druid".
  7. Spam click Fish Feasts.
  8. When your tank says "Okay, pulling" and then doesn't pull for 5+ seconds, run in with Guardian Spirit/Pain Suppression, run back and fade. Forced pull.
  9. Although common, pull Bomb Bots into the raid repeatedly, no matter how many times the raid leader asks you to stop. I have learned it's important to have PvP gear on or have PS/Guardian Spirit up for each pull.
  10. Find places where you can Mount+Levitate off or Body and Soul+Levitate off and zoom forward. Some places I have found: 1) Ignis trash. This makes it go by a lot faster for some reason. 2) Just after the Mimiron teleporter. 3) VoA
  11. Be the last person to click ready checks. Or just minimize before trash (do not put anyone on auto follow, make them wait for you to run back), boss pulls, and after you die in a wipe. Only accept res when they yell at you on vent to stop being minimized. Postmordem.
  12. Try to Mind Control every Humanoid mob in the instance every week. I am absolutely positive that one week they are going to hotfix the MC immunity on one of the mobs in Ulduar and I am going to dominate. Specifically thinking of Vezax trash here.
  13. Don't heal during a hard to heal trash pull or boss in 10man. When you see the other healer having a hard time keeping the raid up, say in raid "AM I THE ONLY ONE HEALING? JESUS..."
  14. Make cool designs with FL Vehicles.
  15. Level up cooking so that the recipes like Bad Clams, etc. drop but don't learn them, so they repeatedly drop a bunch of times throughout the raid.
  16. Start the train ride leading to Mimiron as soon as possible. Try to get there first so you can enjoy it alone.

I will post more as I remember them!

Friday, July 17, 2009


well I was recently asked to update my blog by my good friend Conradical. I feel I should respect his wishes even though his lungs are completely and irreversibly blackened by now.

I came across a rather interesting thread on AJ the other day that was pretty funny. Apparently this druid, Warchief, has an arena partner named Carryz (they run druid/warrior) and they were nearing 3000 rating in 2s. Crazy, right? It gets crazier, my friends.

According to a reliable source, Warchief seems to have more social skill problems than our friend Vance Phuco phuoc* AKA Serennia-sama. Warchief had leader of the 2s team and kicked Carryz off the team, soon after there was a thread about them on AJ.

Here's the full thread starting from when the reliable source says Warchief kicked Carryz off. It stays interesting for awhile, but then it starts to fade into a disagreement over physically harming females (that clearly ask for it, both because they are phuocing annoying and have a squirrel voice). Personally, I find the first topic a lot more exciting, but who am I to disagree with a bunch of video game guys who think chivalry is sexier than it really is. Listen, if a mexican girl goes up to you and she's all like "I CAN DO WHAT I WAONT" (south park reference) and throws a freaking drink all over your new, sickass shirt and sunglasses, go ahead and make her fall flat on the cement.

Here are a few quotes out of that thread: (freaking comedic genius)

Pay special attention to: "still got shiol ]"


Carryz: Just to clarify..I didn't really rage at him for being bad. It was the fact that I think he's a waste of sperm. I believe it's been 3 years since I've started playing this game and I have never come across someone that is as dumb as this little guy.

His stupidity is just on a level that cannot be comprehended. Those who have played with him probably knows what I'm talking about.Anyhow, good luck to whoever chooses to play with him. He has to leave at 9PM central every night by the way, his dad takes away his keyboard

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (how he comes up with this stuff, I don't know)


Carryz: Lol @ that screenshot. It's funny though. Warchief tries to pull this "you're my bitch" card with every arena partner he plays with. Unfortunately, it didn't work out too well with me. I guess when someone retaliates to his useless bull shit, he considers it "rage" or "anger problems."

I had a feeling he was going to kick me off on the last week anyways. I decided to just get it over now, there's no point playing with this guy.

I hope you're reading this my little friend. I wish you luck in life. I am sending my condolences to the people that has to deal with you now. I no longer need to deal with your annoying ass in my vent 24/7. I don't have to hear some idiot loner kid asking EVERYONE, "hey camman man u wanna play tr im a guh rogue."

PS: No one in vent liked you. They only talked to you because I regretfully brought them misfortune and unfortunately became your 2s partner.


wow Warchief seems about 11 years old


gonna revive this thread a little bit

shiol left the team too lolololol


And here is where the discussion starts to slowly mold into talking about kicking girls, if you're interested:


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Something here is fishy... feasts

I have been the target of most people in our raid when a fish feast mysteriously disappears because someone is spam clicking. I am not the real culprit in some of these situations, although I do admit to doing it a few times and now I am going to do it more often because of those bitches who blame me every time. Anyway, I have decided to teach them all a lesson. I have expanded my mission of eliminating Fish Feasts from the raid to eliminating Soulwells and Refreshment Tables.

However, what I do need help with is finding a macro (if at all possible) to gather food/a healthstone from somewhere, then delete it immediately instead of manually going through my bags to click them all and accept the "are you sure?" message.

They will not go left unpunished.

Please inform me if you have a macro that can accomplish this; thank you very much and have a nice day.

Conrad, Menis, and Colors love to Art on their mics

Today I was feeling rather artsy. Due to some events that have occured over the past few days, I knew exactly what I was going to draw about. For some reason, though, whenever I think of something I want to draw in my head, I have it all planned out perfectly, but the real picture doesn't look quite as good.


Anyway, be sure to keep that in mind when you see the picture later on. But I will go on to explain why I drew what I drew. I think we all know people who smoke and generally the reasons why they chose to begin smoking. Well if any of you have kept up on my arena-life, you'd know the main partner I've had since season 2 has been Conrad / Conradical / Hypnobot. After 'quitting' internet games (yes he did say this), he came back to inform us that he won't play WoW but he will play CS and this other seemingly retarded game called Heroes, I believe. Well, we caught up and said our hello's. Apparently he has fifty new "and this girl..." stories, got a new McDonald's near his house, and has decided to destroy his lungs with smoking.


Day #1
Conrad: What? No... I don't smoke!
Nervi: CONRAD, I see you right here on the first two facebook pictures smoking.
Conrad: ... (this is ventrilo silence while he holds down his mic)

Day #2
Conrad: Yeah I smoke, but hardly ever. I gave away most of my cigarettes to my friends.

Day #3
Conrad: Yeah I smoke like three times a day.
Jorkk: Why don't you quit?
Conrad: I'm not addicted, I just like the buzz. I'll quit after summer is over. (This is probably my favorite line, because it has three smoker stereotypical lines in it. All three bullshit.)

So without further ado, here is my art masterpiece!