Friday, August 21, 2009

The 8 Steps To Making Friends On WoW

Step 1: Don't be a downy when it comes to PvP.
Step 2: Have an 80 character on the opposite faction.
Step 3: Double box your main and your opposite-faction alt.
Step 4: Pay attention to guild chat and spam your "o" tab, figure out where people in your guild are and what they are doing.*
Step 5: Find someone in an open PvP area.*
Step 6: Eliminate them swiftly.*
Step 7: Listen to them cry about it in guild chat, not knowing it's you.
Step 8: Make a video out of it.**

*Note: This works better when it is a GM or Officer of your [raiding] guild.
**Note #2: I was told to use "you spin me right round" but I couldn't figure out which version I liked best so I used 3 different ones.

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